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Solid service is a valued commodity
by Paul Gordon

The following is a reprint of a Peoria Journal Star article from October 8, 2004

If you every want to see the difference between good service and not-so good service, do some home improvements.

I just bought a house that was structurally sound, but needed updating. That included complete overhauls of the bathrooms and a partial overhaul of the kitchen.

For advice on where to turn, I went to another editor here who I've come to learn is like a walking yellow pages directory when it comes to finding good home improvement deals.

He scored on the plumbing contractor for the bathrooms.

Before I go further, those who have read this column a while know I am big on service. I will chastise poor service but don't name the offenders. They know who they are and my experience may have been different from most.

I will praise good service and have no qualms about naming the company or individuals who perform it.

Tops in this case was Ogborn Plumbing in Washington, owned by Denise and Brad Ogborn.

Brad and his employees did the lion's share of the work needed in the house. Yet they were the first to finish, even though they ran into a few problems that were not included in the original estimate.

Also, they did extra things for me that were not included, such as finding and installing a piece of material to cover a gap in the floor tile and removing and reinstalling a bathroom vanity when new flooring was put down.

And let me tell you something else about Brad: The guy could've been a bartender, for the way he would listen when I was complaining about other work being done or the pace of that work and would, in a quiet, calming voice, assure me all would work out.

When I received his final bill in the mail, thoughts about all the extras he did and the calls he took flashed through my mind as I slowly opened the envelope and peeked inside.

He didn't charge me one dime above his original estimate What a guy.

Regarding the kitchen work, . . . .

Got A Clog Call Og! 309-745-5763 | 309-694-4247

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